Animationen – gemaltes Leben

Die Neu-Vertonungen der chinesischen Animationen »Three Monks« und »The Boy with three Hairs« entstanden im Jahr 2007 im Auftrag des Instituto Cultural da R.A.E de Macau und wurden im Rahmen des XVIII Macao Arts Festivals live aufgeführt.

Als Film-Live-Konzert präsentiert Mark Chaet die Kompositionen in der musikalischen Besetzung von »Trio Bravo+.

Classical Chinese Animation
Ancient Chinese fables often used feigned things as characters and invented languages in their dialogues to allude to the subjects of the authors' commentary, such as happenings and human life. These fables are always inspiring, positive and instructive stories, suggestive, admonishing and sometimes satirical. They are simple in structure, often making pointed connections between one thing and another: the remote and the near, the ancient and the present day and the small and the large, thus presenting profound truths. For example, “Marking the Boat to Find the Sword” from Lu’s “Spring and Autumn”, “The Foolish Old Man Removing the Mountains” by Lie Zi, “Adding Feet to a Drawn Snake” by Zhan Guo Ce and “Helping Crops Grow by Pulling them Upward” from the “Book of Mencius” are all very famous ancient Chinese fables which are still widely read today. Many of them are the source of common stock phrases in the Chinese language.


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