Battleship Potemkin

Russia 1925
Running time: 74 Min

Directed by Sergei Eisenstein
Written by Nina Agadschanow
Cinematography Eduard Tisse, Wladimir Popow
Soundtrack 2000by Mark Chaet, Sergej Sweschinskij

Trio Bravo+'s soundtrack graces Sergei Eisenstein's monumental silent film with new revolutionary honours, 75 years after its creation. The music turns the cinematic masterpiece into a multimedia work of art and puts the audience on an emotional roller coaster ride. 

There's a mutiny on the Russian battle ship "Potemkin", when the hungry sailors are served spoiled meat. When the people of Odessa, where the "Potemkin" is anchored, show their solidarity with the insurgents, they are violently attacked by the czarist troops. 

Trio Bravo places itself against the monumental pictures both rapidly and strongly, but also quietly, poetically and melancholically. The highly dramatic music is not only interpretation and illustration to the movie; the composition itself gains artistic authorization.



Open air Movie-Live-Concert, Island of Museums Berlin, 2002. Instrumentation:  "Trio Bravo+" (Mark Chaet - violin / Svetoslav Karparov - grand piano / Sergeij Sweschinskij - double bass / Adam Tomaszewsiki - Percussion) & special guest "Neva Brass" from St. Petersburg (Dimitri Jermilow - trumpet / Dimitri Golownin - trumpet, flugelhorn / Viacheslav Minnikow - french horn / Dimitry Akopian - trombone / Denis Wostrikow - Tuba).

Sequence - Rebellion

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Sequence - Stairway scene

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...a work of art that sends the audience on an emotional roller - coster ride


Sylter Rundschau 27.07.2001


Year 1905 (Sequence)

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